Be Unapologetically You.

Cultivate your creative energy. Discover intuitive ability that already resides within you. Make your journey your greatest reward. Through writing, self-expression and yoga, I will help you live your best life, without apology.



Author, Teacher, Yogi.
I Call Myself a Writer.

As a nine-time author, creative entrepreneur and vinyasa flow yoga teacher (RYT-200), my life revolves around helping people cultivate creative energy so they can learn to live their best lives.

Self-expression, communication, writing, body movement and yoga are how I guide my readers, clients and students to access this soul-deep source of self-awareness and intuitive ability. But, my journey began with depression and personal crisis.

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daveyoga01I Will Help You Cultivate ‘Creative Energy’ on a Soul Level.

Combining my creative practices with yoga has helped me bridge the “body-soul gap” of our digital age and bring harmony to body, mind and spirit.

I travel internationally to lead yoga and creativity workshops that infuse body movement with self-expression and guide students to deeply connect on a physical and emotional plane.

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davesmile01Change Your Words,
Change Your Life.

Not long ago I was suffering from depression and a personal crisis of identity. My love of writing helped me quit my job, abandon my career and save myself from depression.

I publish a free weekly column every Monday (in addition to an archive of over 400 essays) to help you deepen your commitment to soulful, authentic living.

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