Hi, I’m Dave Ursillo.

I’m a teacher of writing, yoga and self-expression. I help self-starters use their words, stories and voices to find healing within and create love in our world. I’ll teach you how to cultivate your gifts, speak your truth and embody your deepest values, every day.



Be Unapologetically You.

After September 11th, I sought a career in public service to become a part of positive change in our world. Instead, I was made to play the game of politics and “wait my turn” to serve others.

So I quit my job, abandoned my career, and decided to live my leadership instead.

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daveyoga01Expression is Everything.

Today, as a teacher of writing, yoga and self-expression, I help students cultivate wholeness of body, mind and spirit through writing and storytelling, yoga classes and other creative experiences.

Whether on the yoga mat or with your words, it’s expressing yourself that helps you find your flow. An authentic, purposeful journey follows.

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davesmile01Change the Story of Your Life.

It’s time to live the story that you want to be telling.

I’ve written over 400 pieces on DaveUrsillo.com with advice on how to change the story of your life, from tips on writing and self-expression to online communications strategies, creative lessons and experiences from my mission to make my life’s journey my greatest reward.

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Anything is Possible, for Better or for Worse

I didn’t know Scott Dinsmore, though I met him once in passing. But I heard nothing but incredible things. Of them, my buddy Jacob, who spoke more highly of him than anyone else.

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How Do You Choose Where to Share Your Writing?

As you develop a relationship to your writing, you’ll ask yourself if the medium by which you share your words matches, magnifies, and honors your message.

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Say It for You, or Say It for Them.

A common struggle that I witness in writers and self-starters is one that I still encounter myself: Figuring out who the writing is actually meant for.

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