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Dave Ursillo is a multi-published author, creative entrepreneur and vinyasa flow yoga teacher (RYT-200) who helps students cultivate their natural creative energy through writing, self-expression and body movement.



Author, Teacher, Yogi.
I Call Myself a Writer.

I write, I teach yoga, I lead workshops, I publish books. Personally and professionally, my entire life revolves around helping you cultivate creative energy, intuitive ability and effortless love in your life.

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daveyoga01Cultivate ‘Creative Energy’
Around Your Goals and Dreams.

The “body-soul gap” of our digital, tech-savvy age makes it so difficult to bring harmony to body, mind and spirit.

My workshop experiences infuse body movement with self-expression to guide students to connect on a physical-emotional plane.

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davesmile01Change Your Words,
Change Your Life.

I publish a free weekly column on every Monday morning to help you deepen your commitment to soulful, authentic living.

Enjoy interesting stories, creativity strategies and much more.

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7 Tips for Starting a New Writing Practice, Starting This Holiday Season

When I was asked how to start a journaling practice while traveling in India, I forgot the old advice that I used to give. Here are 7 tips I wish I recommended.

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A Love Letter to the Half-Committed

You’re torpedoing your dreams. You’re suffocating opportunities. You’re setting your business up for failure. It’s hard for me to tell you this. I need to tell you because I care.

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A Love Letter to the Over-Apologizer

Dear Over-Apologizer, Stop saying sorry. Because you’re not actually apologizing. You’re not sorry for wrongdoing. You’re excusing your existence. You’re apologizing for speaking what you feel called to speak, when the only “wrong” you are doing is honoring an honest, genuine and true calling within. You’re admitting aloud a quiet but common fear that we all share: that we don’t […]

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