Hi, I’m Dave Ursillo.

I’m a wordsmith and communications specialist. I write lots. I lead workshops, teach yoga and help people make their stories shine. I believe that self-expression is service, and that words are what move us. I’ll teach you how to cultivate self-reliance through self-expression and communicate from love.



Author, Teacher, Yogi.
I Call Myself a Writer.

I write, I teach yoga, I lead workshops, I publish books. Personally and professionally, my entire life revolves around helping you cultivate creative energy, intuitive ability and effortless love in your life.

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daveyoga01Cultivate ‘Creative Energy’
Around Your Goals and Dreams.

The “body-soul gap” of our digital, tech-savvy age makes it so difficult to bring harmony to body, mind and spirit.

My workshop experiences infuse body movement with self-expression to guide students to connect on a physical-emotional plane.

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davesmile01Change Your Words,
Change Your Life.

I publish a free weekly column on DaveUrsillo.com every Monday morning to help you deepen your commitment to soulful, authentic living.

Enjoy interesting stories, creativity strategies and much more.

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It’s no wonder why many of us struggle to understand what we want. We barely use the language to acknowledge what we want, let alone why we want it.

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These interesting tales about Hindu deities and yoga warriors give us three different ways to embody elements of being “warriors” in our everyday lives.

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How Are You, Really? Things to Say Instead of ‘Busy’ (And, Why ‘Busy’ Bugs Me)

‘Busy’ is often used as a self-flattering complaint about the fullness of our lives. Worse, the word has become a conversational crutch to avoid opening up.

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