Welcome, I’m Dave.

I’m a lifelong writer, 10-time author, creative entrepreneur and communications specialist who teaches self-starters how to self-actualize and serve through self-expression.

As a writer, I explore my truth, share lessons and stories with readers, and commune with the divine. Writing isn’t just a tool, it’s my soul, and my art.

As an author, I publish books so our souls can meet without ever having spoken. I strive to create deep, meaningful, transformative experiences in book form that move your soul and teach you more about yourself, your truth, and how to move in the world.

As a communications specialist, I help self-starters make their stories shine online. Using the power of storytelling, I help coaches, creatives and entrepreneurs use their words to build businesses, serve their ideal customers and clients, and live great lives of service and abundance.

As a yoga teacher, I help students embrace body movement as body prayer and moving meditation. I guide students to feel wholeness and peace within oneself through breath, sweat and surrendering into the flow.

My life’s work revolves around all forms of authentic self-expression.

In my past life, I felt called into a career in public service after September 11, 2001, and dreamed of becoming a presidential speechwriter. My experiences culminated at the White House Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ) in 2008 and as an aide to a gubernatorial candidate in 2009, but I quit my job and abandoned my career path in 2009 as I battled depression and a crisis of identity.

Dismayed by my inability to give and to serve others, I decided instead to become a leader in my own way.

My words became a gateway into serving others and sharing love in our world, without anyone else’s permission and without delay. As I dedicated my life to written word, I cultivated peace and healing within.

Today, I help coaches, creatives and entrepreneurs tell their stories with heart, professionalism and soulful authenticity for organic business and marketing. I love helping self-starters tap their truth through self-expression, and earn more of the wealth they deserve by serving the world in loving ways.

A teacher at heart, I travel the U.S. and Europe leading writing and creativity workshops, and also teach yoga in my home state of Rhode Island.

Whether in writing or with body movement, I’m here to help you express yourself with soulful authenticity.

When I watched two towers crumble one September morning, I felt the calling of a leader within.

mini-ddI was only 15 years old, but watching the live images of September 11, 2001 unfold from my Rhode Island high school’s student library changed me. I felt a call within my heart that had been quietly brewing since I was child:

To lead someone. To help, somehow.

I wanted to dedicate my life to loving kindness and service in a world that appeared to so desperately need it.

I began to explore my career path in the world of politics and public service from 2003 to 2009, working in five state and federal offices and eventually finding my way to Washington D.C. and The White House Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ) as a policy intern.

I even interviewed for a job in the West Wing of the White House.

Months later and in the throes of a promising young career, I suddenly felt like I was crumbling on the inside.

My soul was empty. My passion was extinguished. Everyday life felt completely meaningless. No one could help me. I shut out family and friend. My health suffered. Just one year out of the gates of college, I was depressed and suffering from a deep crisis of identity.

I knew in my heart that I wasn’t living my purpose or my truth.

Worse, I felt like a pawn in someone else’s game: the game of politics, the game of “earning your place,” the game of “you’re not enough to be able to help people.”

I knew I was capable of more.

I wasn’t doing my part. I resented that. I resented myself.

I looked around the political world and saw a graveyard of good men and women who once wished like I did: to do good, to lead by example, to serve the world. Somewhere along the line, many began to believe that they had to “earn” leadership from job title, wealth, expertise, power, fans and  followers.

I believed that I could start to lead without them.

I quit my job in a 100-year recession and abandoned my career path because I believed I was already capable of being a leader, with or without followers.

dave-alive-circle-434I could do it based upon how I lived my life.

And it was through writing that I discovered how to lead by example.

With nothing more than words, I discovered a source within that empowered me to choose my story, and devoutly serve the world today. No waiting. No permission.

I began to pull myself out of depression through the art of writing: a hard-fought, long, uphill climb that I fought in secret, without anyone knowing (I don’t recommend this).

Looking back, I had always been an emotional guy growing up; an empath acutely attuned to feeling and compassion. I deeply, deeply cared — and still do. My emotions would always run rampant during tough times as a teenager and after, and I often felt like a slave to my thoughts; like a victim to “feeling.”

Writing helped me change my victim outlook.

The more I expressed myself onto paper, the more I understood that I was actually choosing what thoughts, emotions and feelings I was experiencing in my head and heart. It was no different than the physical act of choosing what to write on the page.

I realized that I wasn’t a victim of my thoughts; I was never a slave to my emotions.

I was their owner — their creator.

daveworkshop02By witnessing myself on paper — poured out, empty, raw and real — I outgrew anxiety, overcame depression and began to forge myself anew. I started to heal. I began to self-actualize. I began to awaken to my truth.

With writing as my source of self-awareness, power and peace, I started to write a new story:

No longer one of quarter-life crisis, anxiety and depression; no longer one of being a pawn in someone else’s game, or risking becoming just one more “compromised” idealist who wanted to be a leader but became partisan, bickering and blind to what matters most in life.

Six years ago, I started to rewrite my story by living it differently.

I believe that every one of us can forge a lasting legacy of love, without apology, by reclaiming our lives for ourselves and living the stories that we want to be telling.

For me, the story was simple:

Use my words well, and lead by example.

Today, I teach self-starters how to embrace authentic expression to self-actualize and serve the world.

I’m on a mission to help you embrace expression to self-actualize and serve your world.

You can harness the power of words and expression to tap your truth, embrace your inner callings and desires and embody a form of leadership that makes the world a better place, starting now.

There are a handful of ways you can get on board with my work and my teachings:

  • I help self-starters make their stories shine by excavating key details of your past, tapping your voice and communicating your business goals, personal triumphs and values with authenticity, soul and professionalism. It’s all about turning anonymous visitors into paying clients.From life coaches and health coaches to professionals, entrepreneurs, artists and authors, Story Shine is business storytelling with big purpose. Learn more about this opportunity or reserve your space to work with me.
  • I help writers and conscientious creatives fall in love with writing (once again, once and for all), through my online writer’s group, The Literati Writers. Now featuring a 6-week creative program that will help you forge a healthy, productive relationship to writing, The Literati Writers is an intuitive force for creative self-starters who want to write more and write better without self-oppression, competition or unfair criticism. Visit LiteratiWriters.com for more, and how to join.
  • I share free essays on my blog (over 400 and counting) on communication strategies for self-starters, how words move us, stories on the “yoga” of everyday life and business advice for writers and creatives. Words move us, so start using yours to deepen your commitment to soulful, authentic living, everyday. Read the latest on my blog by clicking here.

I’m here to help you harness creativity and self-expression to become whole, to serve the world and to live your best life.

Your story matters. Your words are your power.

Let me help you express yourself, fully, authentically, unapologetically.