Welcome, I’m Dave.

Even as a kid, I knew deep down that helping people was my mission in life.

But as I grew up in small town Rhode Island, I was really hopeful that my purpose in life was to become a superhero.

Years later, and after watching the World Trade Center crumble from my high school student library’s fuzzy television, the calling of service truly awoke in me. Hoping to be a part of positive change in the world, I pursued a career path in politics and public service from 2001 to 2009, eventually becoming a politico insider and aspiring presidential speechwriter who once walked in the West Wing of the White House.

But politics and public service would never fully satiate my desire to help people right now.

I couldn’t bear the idea of waiting to do meaningful work. mini-dd

I felt called to use my words to inspire, encourage, teach, open hearts and build bridges of love. The notion of “earning my stripes” for 5, 10, or 20 years…?

No way.

So I quit my job and abandoned my career path in 2009 because I knew I needed to dedicate myself to becoming a leader in my own life, with or without permission, wealth, status, or followers.

After years of pursuing my writing career and being published in 11 books, today, I am a teacher of writing, creativity, yoga and all things self-expression.

My life revolves around guiding students into artful expressions of their inner truth, whether expressing themselves in writing, as they build their own service-based businesses or on their yoga mats.

I run an online writers’ group called The Literati Writers that brings conscientious creatives together into a safe space to explore their writing and develop their skills without judgment, competition or criticism.

I help self-starters make their stories shine online — turning their lives’ experiences into business platforms, brands and authentic means of inviting potential customers and clients into relationship with them.

I also…

  • Lead yoga classes locally in Rhode Island,
  • Travel to teach yoga and writing workshops at conferences,
  • Lead my own retreats,
  • Teach senior citizens how to write poetry like Mary Oliver, and
  • Constantly seek to inspire the quiet and conscientious among us to stand firmly in their power by using their words well, and embodying creativity throughout their lives.

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To learn more about my story and what I love to do, keep reading :) Thanks for being here.

When I watched two towers crumble one September morning, I felt the calling of a leader within.

daveworkshop02I was only 15 years old, but watching the images of September 11 unfold from my high school library changed me. I felt a call within my heart that had been quietly brewing since I was child:

To lead someone. To help, somehow.

I wanted to dedicate my life to loving kindness and service in a world that appeared to so desperately need it.

I began to explore my career path in the world of politics and public service from 2003 to 2009, working in five state and federal offices and eventually finding my way to Washington D.C. and The White House Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ) as a policy intern. I even interviewed for a job in the West Wing of the White House.

Months later — now in the throes of a promising young career — I suddenly felt like I was crumbling on the inside.

My heart was empty. My passion was extinguished. Everyday life felt completely meaningless. No one could help me. I shut out family and friend. My health suffered. Just one year out of the gates of college, I was depressed and suffering from a deep crisis of identity.

I knew in my heart that I wasn’t living my purpose.

daveteaches-circleWorse, I felt like a pawn in someone else’s game: the game of politics, the game of “earning your place,” the game of “you’re not enough to be able to help people.”

I knew deep down that I was capable of more.

I felt like I wasn’t doing my part to help our world.

I resented that I wasn’t contributing to others’ lives.

I resented myself.

I looked around the political world and saw a graveyard of good men and women who once wished like I did: to do good, to lead by example, to serve the world.

Somewhere along the line, it seemed as if many made a choice. To compromise on what they believed, or to play the game of politics instead. To slowly “earn permission” to help people. So they waited for a job title, a salary, some amount of expertise, or power, or followers, to tell them they were ready to lead.

I believed that I could do my part and be a leader without them.

Today, I’m still striving to lead by example by teaching people how to communicate well, be more creative, express themselves and serve the world in their own ways.

dave-alive-circle-434I believe that we are all creative. It is our nature.

There is no end of how creative we can be. Creativity is energy, moved with intention and awareness.

It’s through the many forms of creative self-expression that we become leaders in our own lives: living well, fulfilling our limitless potential and ushering as much love and light into the world as we possibly can, while we’re here.

My life has become a living example.

And I want to share what I’ve learned, and help others self-actualize into forces of quiet leadership, every day.

This is why I teach all my students, from everyday yogis to budding artists and aspiring entrepreneurs, to become their most creative in all facets of their lives.

We are creative in our breath and in our body movement — from written word to spoken word, to creating meaningful work in the world and sharing loving expressions in everyday life.

It’s all creative. It’s all energy.

And I’m here to help you be your best with both.

Here are some of the ways you can get on board with my teachings.

  • My online writers’ group, The Literati Writers, is a private-membership online writing community and year-round service that I provide to support, teach and empower conscientious creatives of all levels, from hobbyist writers and journalers to freelancers, self-employed coaches and aspiring authors. Learn more about The Literati Writers 
  • I turn your personal story into a business or brand with voice, heart and a deep message through my Story Shine Sessions. From life coaches and health coaches to professionals, entrepreneurs, artists and authors, my Story Shine Sessions excavate the gold of your story and communicate it with hear,t soul and purpose. The result is doing more of the work you love with more of the right people. Explore my Story Shine offerings 
  • I travel the U.S. and Europe to lead writing, creativity and yoga workshops that are soulful, intimate and experiential. I help students tell their stories, write their bios, lead guided chakra meditations, and infuse yoga classes with creative lessons to help students open their self-expressive sides (and get them to journal, right from their yoga mats). I love to create powerful, interactive experiences that transform thought and feeling into action. Here’s where I’m teaching next, or, you can invite me to teach at your event, conference or retreat.

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I’m here to help you harness creativity and self-expression to become whole, serve the world and live your best life.

Be unapologetically you and shine on,