Be Unapologetically You.

In a world that’s constantly telling you to become something that you’re not, I believe in everything that you are. My name is Dave Ursillo and I will help you cultivate soul-deep confidence and creative energy around your goals, dreams and journey.



Author. Artist. Yogi.
I Call Myself a Writer.

When I quit my job in politics in 2009 and abandoned my promising career, I dedicated my entire life to living the purpose that was calling me: to share my truth, serve men and women in loving ways, and make the world a better place–starting today.

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daveyoga01Cultivating Creative Energy Around Your Goals and Dreams

Today, as a nine-time published author and creative entrepreneur, I teach writing, self-expression and yoga to help self-starters become their most imaginative, innovative and independent-minded.

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davesmile01The Journey is the Reward–Let’s Start Walking Together.

Cultivating creative energy in your life will help you turn your journey into your masterpiece–a living, breathing work of art. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, writer, creative, a yogi or just determined to live a life that’s “Unapologetically You,” I invite you to join me.

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Make Your Life’s Journey It’s Own Reward? Travel Will Teach You How

‘Big Apple, Black Sand and the Midnight Sun’ is a collection of essays written across 13,000 miles of travel as I hoped to discover how to make my journey it’s own reward.

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Yoga and Yoking: Reflections of a Yogi

In practice of moving from my mind and into my body through yoga, I’ve found a new way of charting course in my life without needing to use my words to find my way.

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I Start Writing but Can’t Be Concise. What Should I Do?

So, you love to pour your ideas onto the page, but hate to edit them? Read on… When I start writing, I can’t stop. The words just come and come, and I can write for pages. This ends up producing big volumes of text that I don’t want to go through again and re-arrange into structured […]

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