Be Unapologetically You.

In a world that’s constantly telling you to become something that you’re not, I believe in everything that you are. My name is Dave Ursillo and I’ll teach you how to shape your life into a more rewarding journey through the arts of writing, creativity and self-expression.



Author. Artist. Yogi. ‘Renaissance Man.’ I Call Myself a Writer.

When I quit my job and abandoned the political world in 2009, I was relying upon writing to turn one dream into a reality: that by leading without followers, I could start to serve the world.

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davesmile01Self-Expression is a Victory in Itself

Now an eight-time published author and creative entrepreneur, I help those driven for purpose embrace tools of self-expression to shape their pursuits into meaningful, rewarding journeys. My premier writers’ group, The Literati Writers, helps emerging writers learn how to learn, grow and flourish.

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daveworkshop02The Journey is the Reward. Let’s Start Walking Together.

From writing workshops and retreat weekends to guest-teachings and yoga-creativity experiences, bringing people together is my passion. In communion with one another, we feel the threads that bind us and discover how to change our lives in profound and lasting ways.

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It’s been five years since I started my blog, but these 6 reader-driven tips will help you get where you want to go a lot faster than I.

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Parenting Without Children (Happy April Fool’s Day!)

Parenting Without Children by Dave Ursillo is the unofficial sequel to Lead Without Followers and asks, ‘What can unconventional parents learn from those without kids?’

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When the Mosquito Bites

For some of us, sitting alone and being content is not enough to say that the lives we’ve been given to live have been lived fully enough.

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