Hi, I’m Dave Ursillo.

I’m a wordsmith and communications specialist. I write lots. I lead workshops, teach yoga and help people make their stories shine. I believe that self-expression is service, and that words are what move us. I’ll teach you how to express yourself with love and soulful authenticity.



Author, Teacher, Yogi.
I Call Myself a Writer.

Writing was my gateway into understanding who I was and what I wanted most in my life. Through written word, I’ve become a professional communicator, multi-published author and teacher of writing and yoga.

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daveyoga01Cultivate Your Creative Energy

I help men and women embody artful self-expression through writing and yoga.

I travel the U.S. and Europe leading workshops and experiences that infuse soul-work with self-expression.

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davesmile01Use Your Words Well.

I’ve published over 400 essays on DaveUrsillo.com.

You’ll find free advice, interesting stories, communication strategies to help you deepen your commitment to soulful, authentic living.

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Latest Posts

I Am We: Faces, Pieces, Incarnations, Under the Banner of One Soul. My New Book of Poems.

I Am We is a collection of poems that unearths the intricate faces, facades and incarnations that make up your soul, before knitting them into harmony.

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There Will Always Be More… Of What? How to Live, Work and Create from Abundance.

My inner “There Will Always Be More” narrative leads me to feel anxious, tense, worried, overwhelmed. By shifting the narrative slightly, I’ve found abundance.

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Email, Inboxes and Autoresponders, Oh My! How to Be Highly Efficient (and Stay Stellarly Polite) at Your Online Communication

In this age where self-expression happens via text, email, social media at a moments’ notice, it’s all the more important to be self-aware of how we communicate.

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