What Does Love Mean to You?

“Understanding is the essence of love.” ~Thich Nhat Hanh

I want to pose a very important question to you, and ask if you’d be kind enough to share YOUR thoughts here with our community:

What does Love mean to you?

I dare you to open up, bear your soul, share your wisdom, disclose your fears, and help me to create both a liberating and empowering discussion about Love on Valentines Day.

…So, what does love mean to you?


Flickr photo credit: hyoin min

Written by Dave Ursillo

Dave Ursillo is a writer, yoga teacher and creative entrepreneur from Rhode Island. An exile of the political world who once walked in the West Wing of the White House, today Dave teaches self-starters how to use their words, stories and creative energy to serve the world. He is the founder of The Literati Writers, an online writers' group, teaches yoga and leads workshops in the U.S. and Europe.Learn More »

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