Hey! Thanks for being here.

Allow me to tell you a little about who I am and what I do.

I’m a lifelong writer turned 11-time author, a professional story guide and a registered yoga teacher (ERYT200, YACEP) who teaches tools of self-knowledge and self-expression to help people become leaders without followers in their everyday lives.

Through writings, client work, workshops, retreats, online programs and more, my work centers on guiding humans into deeper, healthier relationships to their inner truth.

My life’s work revolves around helping you make the world a better place by becoming the most whole and authentic version of your True Self.

I believe that you are already a leader.

Because no one lives in a bubble.

Your existence already impacts others around you, every single day. The words, ideas and deeds that we share in our daily lives are the leadership that we sow.

That’s why being the healthiest and happiest version of yourself is, it itself, selfless.

Your wholeness is an act of giving that helps support everyone around you.

By cultivating your highest qualities as a human being, you become a leader by example whose everyday influence knows no bounds.

But today, societal measures of “success” like wealth, fame, status and followers have twisted and distorted the true meaning of leadership to revolve around what one owns, hordes and acquires.

This polluted definition of leadership is perpetuating atmospheres of partisanship, division, fear, conflict, and deficit-minded thinking throughout the political realm of our world.

But genuine, authentic leadership consists of qualities of the heart and soul: compassion, empathy, understanding, togetherness and love.

  • Leading from the heart, not the wallet, creates an abundant environment for change-making to take root.
  • Leaders without followers are strong in their malleability, not in rigid ideology.
  • Leaders without followers embrace openness, intuition, abundance, and pledge themselves toward creating an aspirational, unified vision of the future.

I feel this way because I’ve seen firsthand what the opposite can do to people.

Once upon a time…

I was a political insider on a fast-tracked career path in the world of public service.

I dreamed of becoming a presidential speechwriter someday.

My career peaked with writing policy reports at the White House Council of Environmental Quality (CEQ) in 2008, and hustling a state officeholder’s early gubernatorial campaign in Rhode Island.

But after working in 7 state and federal governmental offices over 8 years, I had fallen completely disillusioned to the world of politics.

Ever since September 11, 2001, when I was 15 years old and watching the Twin Towers fall from my high school library’s fuzzy television, all I wanted to do was help a world that appeared to desperately need help.

I sought a career path in public service, because I thought that’s how I’d best be able to impact peoples’ lives for the better.

But, in politics? I was told to play the game. I was made to wait my turn. And I felt all of the good I wanted to share slowly start to waste away.

So, I quit. And committed to living my leadership, instead.

Using writing as a vessel to share messages of peace and teach people about themselves, I started this blog and set out to make something of my life.

I’ve self-published 5 books since 2011, and have been published in 6 more books in that time.

(And, every week, I publish a new essay or story on my blog — nearly 500 in total, so far).

Since abandoning my career path in 2009, I’ve helped more than 300 self-starters and change-makers from 17 countries tell their stories, begin new businesses, start writing practices, and recommit to service missions.

I’ve also added yoga teaching to my repertoire to help men and women of all ages discover health, healing and wellness from the inside, out.

Combining practices of self-expression with the spiritual art of yoga, I’ve gone on to lead destination retreats and workshops in Europe, Central America and the U.S. for more than 5,000 students.

I also lead local classes every week in my home state of Rhode Island.

When I’m not scheming to create change in the world, I’m a blue-eyed Rennaisance man who loves a good superhero story, reads books way too slowly, and still gets excited that you can sometimes see the moon in daylight hours.

Even though I grew up in the smallest state in America, I’ve become a world traveler with a deep love of planet Earth. I’ve visited 22 countries since 2013, including visits to India, Bosnia, Cuba, and beyond.

My words and work have featured in CBS News Sunday Morning, Psychology Today, INC.com, Forbes, and Chicken Soup for the Soul, among dozens more websites and outlets.

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Most of all, thank you for showing up as you do in the world.

Until next time, stay unapologetically you.