Welcome, I’m Dave Ursillo.

Thanks for visiting my online home.

I’m a lifelong writer, 11-time author, Yoga Alliance certified yoga teacher (ERYT-200, YACEP) and professional story guide who teaches the tools of Self-Knowledge to help people live with purpose and lead by example, every day.

Through weekly writings, 1-on-1 client work, workshops, destination retreats, online programs and local yoga studio teachings, I guide self-starters, change-makers, creatives and “everyday yogis” into deeper and healthier relationships to their True Selves.

I use the arts of writing, creative self-expression, storytelling, and yoga to cultivate experiences that illuminate the Self, facilitate healing, and empower students to transform — inside, and out.

More than inspire awareness, I help students capture insights in written words, creative expressions, story artifacts and new practices to transform their everyday lives from the inside, out.

My life’s work revolves around helping you make the world a better place by becoming the most whole and authentic version of your True Self.

I believe that you are already a leader.

Because not one of us lives in a bubble. Your life already impacts others around you, every single day.

The words, ideas and deeds that we share in our daily lives are the leadership that we sow. That’s how being the healthiest and happiest version of yourself is an act of giving: your wholeness helps support everyone around you.

By cultivating your highest qualities as a human being — and knowing your “shadow” qualities — you become a leader by example, whose everyday influence knows no bounds.

But today, societal measures of “success” like wealth, fame, status and followers have twisted and distorted the true meaning of leadership to revolve around what one has acquired, not what one gives.

This polluted definition of modern leadership — and erosion of genuine leadership across the world — is perpetuating atmospheres of not only partisanship and division, but fear, conflict, and deficit-minded thinking.

Genuine, authentic leadership consists of qualities of the heart and soul, from compassion and empathy to understanding, togetherness and love:

  • Leading from the heart, not the wallet, creates an abundant environment for change-making to take root.
  • Leaders without followers are strong in their malleability, not in rigid ideology.
  • Leaders without followers embrace openness, intuition, abundance, and pledge themselves toward creating an aspirational, unified vision of the future.

Once upon a time, I was a political insider on a fast-tracked career path in the world of public service. I dreamed of becoming a presidential speechwriter while writing policy reports at the White House Council of Environmental Quality (CEQ) in 2008 and hustling a state officeholder’s early gubernatorial campaign in Rhode Island in 2009.

But after working in 7 state and federal governmental offices over 8 years, I had fallen completely disillusioned to the world of politics.

Ever since September 11, 2001, when I watched the Twin Towers fall from my high school library’s fuzzy television, all I wanted to do was help a world that so desperately appeared to need it. Channeling a young drive to give, I sought career paths where I might be able to impact peoples’ lives for the better.

In politics, I was told to play the game and wait my turn — in an increasingly hostile, gridlocked system.

So I quit, intent to live my leadership instead. I chose my love of writing to guide me.

Since abandoning my career path in 2009, I’ve published over 450 essays here on DaveUrsillo.com, self-published 5 books since 2011 and have been published in 6 more books.

As a writing teacher and professional story guide, I’ve helped more than 300 writers, professionals, change-makers and thought-leaders from 17 countries tell their stories, begin new businesses, start writing practices, recommit to healing missions, and make the world a better place.

I’m also a Yoga Alliance registered yoga teacher (ERYT200, YACEP) who leads local classes every week in my home state of Rhode Island. I’ve led destination retreats in Costa Rica, host yoga and creativity workshops internationally, and have taught yoga classes on 4 continents for more than 3,000 students.

My words and work have featured in CBS News Sunday Morning, Psychology Today, INC.com, Forbes, and Chicken Soup for the Soul, among dozens more websites and outlets.

Outside of my mission to lead without followers, I’m a coffee-obsessed nature-lover who dabbles in poetry, practices multiple styles of yoga, and loves hikes in the woods. Born and raised with small-state mindset, I’ve become a world traveler and have visited 20 countries since 2013, including visits to India, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cuba, Turkey, Iceland and Peru.

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