Books by Dave Ursillo

As a multi-published author, I write occasional books so that we converse about life, love, and the beliefs that matter most to us — all, through a simple paper pages.

I believe that books allow our souls to meet without speaking. But most of all, I write books so that you know that I care — that someone always has, and always will.

iaw-coverI Am We: Poems

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I Am We is a soulful collection of poems that invites you deeper into your journey of yoga, or yoking, in your everyday life.

Fall into these pages and unearth the many faces that make up the unique soul called You, as you journey to bring them into harmony.

KINDLE – $2.99                          PAPERBACK – $10

babsms-bookBig Apple, Black Sand and the Midnight Sun:
A 13,000-Mile Journey to Live a Meaningful Life

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Lower Manhattan after Super-Storm Sandy. Flying into Boston as the 2013 Marathon Bombings unfold. Heartbreak and hilarity in Hawaii. Adventure in Iceland. And 13,000 miles of stories in between.

Big Apple, Black Sand and the Midnight Sun is a collection of 15 true stories as lived by the author as he tries to make life’s journey his greatest reward.

KINDLE – $2.99                          PAPERBACK – $9

byq-standingbox-clearBefore You Quit Writing, Read This!
23 Stories and Strategies to Keep You Writing

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Before You Quit Writing, Read This! is a collection of 23 stories and strategies from writers to help keep you writing in defiance of doubt, struggles and second-guessing that might befall you on your creative journey.

At any point when you hear that voice in the back of your head that tells you, “Quit, and quit now,” open this book.That voice is a liar.

KINDLE – $2.99                          PAPERBACK – $11

God Whispers on the Wind:
Spiritual Poems of Light, Laughter and Love 

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God Whispers on the Wind is 81 poems meant to connect you with Spirit beyond religiosity.

Enjoy these poems as morsels of reminders that we are all connected to whatever Source has brought us here, and to one another.

KINDLE – $2.99                          PAPERBACK – $9


leadwofollowers-bookLead Without Followers: How to Save Our World by Radically Redefining the Meaning of Leadership

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Set against a disturbing backdrop of escalating anger with modern elected leaders, Lead Without Followers is one young political exile’s reflections on why our leadership is failing us and contents that America has a distorted definition of leaders.

KINDLE – $0.99                         PAPERBACK – $9

powerfromwithin-bookPower from Within: A Manifesto

My Debut Manifesto

Power from Within s a motivating manifesto with an inspirational edge that will fuel your pursuit for personal growth, self-discovery and inner peace.

Reaffirming the inherent equality of all human beings, Power from Within reaches into the heart and soul of the reader, inspiring genuine contemplative thought and compelling a renewed desire in the reader to live a happy and healthy life–for oneself, and on behalf of one another.

KINDLE – $0.99

css-book2Chicken Soup for the Soul, Thanks, Dad:
101 Stories of Gratitude, Love and Good Times

Chicken Soup for the Soul: Thanks Dad is a collection of 101 stories of gratitude, love and good times from children to their fathers.

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est-day-sm  End Sex Trafficking: Let’s Be Impossible to Ignore

A Collaborative Initiative from Creative Entrepreneurs

End Sex Trafficking is a collection of 60 essays written by award-winning entrepreneurs, bestselling authors, and inspiring voices from around the world, including first-hand accounts of the Southeast Asian sex trade interwoven with essays on love and compassion, the essence of freedom and the power of knowledge.

It’s a resounding call-to-action, with a message that hits straight to the core: One voice can start a revolution. And that voice can be yours.

Proceeds go directly to the Not for Sale Campaign.

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promo-sucks-clearSelf-Promotion Sucks! But It Doesn’t Have To

A Collaborative Initiative from Hungry Entrepreneurs

Self-Promotion Sucks tackles the tough topics that plague the spirit of your modern day online entrepreneur, solopreneur or creative entrepreneur, from crafting a brand, promoting yourself, developing plans of action and building a community around.

This book is a comprehensive guide to making self-promotion a lot less painful. Featuring contributions from 40 authors and entrepreneurs, Self Promotion Sucks includes tips, tricks and helpful hints to guide you through the ups, downs and inside-outs of self-promotion.

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eBooks Suck! But They Don’t Have To

A Collaborative Initiative from Hungry Entrepreneurs

How do you write a good eBook? How do you decide if you’re writing is a “real” book, eBook, a manifesto or something else?

eBooks Suck! puts to rest the worries, fears and inevitable feelings of “overwhelm” for e-book creators everywhere. Featuring advice from over 40 contributing authors, eBooks Suck! is your one-stop, comprehensive guide to making your eBook a smashing success.

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