Before You Quit Writing, Read This!

There’s a voice in the back of your head telling you,

“Quit. Quit now.”

The voice says you’re not good enough. That you’re not “creative” enough.

That voice is a liar.

Before You Quit Writing, Read This! features 23 stories and strategies from members of The Literati Writers–writers like you who have struggled, doubted and second-guessed themselves throughout their own creative journeys.

With this book, we’ve come together to create an earnest resource that contains honest motivation and personal inspiration that you can open at any time in your journey when you hear that voice in the back of your head that tells you to quit. 

Before You Quit Writing, Read This! will keep you writing, motivated, and determined to live and love your creative journey, every step of the way.


Before You Quit Writing, Read This!
23 Stories and Strategies to Keep You Writing

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The Story of this Book

Before You Quit Writing, Read This! is written by the members of my premier writers’ group, The Literati Writers.

My goal was to harness the strength and determination of this incredible community of writers to create a book that would help writers of the world tap into a source of encouragement from fellow writers who have struggled with creating–because we all experience that.

This book came to be after a talented friend told me that she kept a private notebook full of kind words, affirmations and complements that she would often look to when she felt the urge to quit writing altogether. As a result of this, I started asking more and more Literati Writers how often they consider quitting writing.

I was astounded to hear how many incredibly talented creatives often want to quit–and, on a frequent basis.

Before You Quit Writing, Read This! was thus shaped to become a bible upon your nightstand. It is meant to be the coaster under your mug of morning coffee. The book is an invocation to keep writing–every single day and night, and in spite of your doubts, your worries, the circumstances, and every ounce of adversity that you’ll ever face.

“Great encouragement for writers to keep writing.”Kathy E., via Amazon Review
“If you have a zest for writing – keep this book nearby for the motivation you need to keep writing!”Lisa K., via Amazon Review