I Am We: Poems

I Am We is a soulful collection of poems from author and yogi Dave Ursillo that invites you deeper into your journey of yoga, or yoking, in your everyday life.

The yoga of life is a personal voyage beyond ordinary well-being — a liberating expedition into total, unapologetic union between body, mind and spirit. Cultivating this soul-deep harmony is a lifelong practice that compels you to make peace between your warring facets, stitch wounds so you can heal, discover connection and love in the world around you, and illuminate the divine spirit that resides within.

I Am We invites you to unearth the many faces that make up the unique soul called You, and bring them into harmony. These scalpel-sized poems skewer self-doubt, dismiss fear at its source, and excavate the true self from bondage as you live your life to the fullest, every day.

Explore your playful side (“A HAND STRETCHED OUT”) and the undeniably powerful essence of your divinity (“I AM THE STARS”). Drink in devotion in your daily life (“TALKING WITH GOD”) before dipping into a little foul-mouthed defiance (“SOME KIND OF SELF-LOVE”). Swirl in vivid ideals (“HURLING PRAYERS”) and stand up for yourself, without apology (“THOUGH STONES SHALL CRUMBLE”).

I Am We is a companion, a guide, and the diary you never kept.

Surrender into a state of blissful vulnerability or being “broken open” (“THE SHELL OF ME”). Swim through feeling just-fallen-in-love (“LOVE-DRUNK”). Knock on death’s door, and live (“THE FLOW HAS FOUND ME”).

With the same artful emotion and engaging depth that inspired readers in his poetic debut (God Whispers on the Wind, 2012), Ursillo’s second collection of poems exists to empower your journey of yoking yourself into peace, fullness and truth.

“Poems may be written with less ink than could cover a scalpel,” Ursillo writes in the introduction, “but can entirely skewer a galactic conundrum down to a morsel for our noshing. A twisted, thorny dilemma loses some of its prickly might when a poem can cut free the rose atop it.”

I Am We invites union of mind, body and spirit with poems that knit the many faces of You under the banner of One Soul.

Explore this collection today and discover meaningful morsels that will speak to you and through you on your journey to wholeness.

iaw-coverI Am We: Poems

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bead“I’m usually not a poem person (except for Rilke, he’s awesome), but I really enjoyed reading yours. Yep, that was Rilke and you in one sentence.”Beatrice Dähler, Berlin, Germany

Sample Poems from I Am We

Experience some of the poems from the opening pages of I Am We free below.

If you like what you read, you’ll love the rest!


I remember you.

That’s nature’s howling rhythm.

What the surging tide whispers to the moon.
What spring flowers say to the sun.
What heat is lit between lovers’ hands when they at last embrace.

I remember you.


It feels like winter now.

Frigid gusts send sun-swept reeds into playful backbends;
gold feathers cascade against a crisp blue sky, glazed with cloud.

We can anticipate the seasons’ changing all we wish,
counting days across the calendar.

But in the end, the seasons move by Nature’s will.
A transition of months seems to change in a day—changed, before we even notice it.

What of those seasons of our lives?

Anticipated transitions that hang on
and on
and on,

maybe never to turn,

maybe never to be the same
in a sudden flash of change?


The ocean would seem a burdensome place
to a fish whose only home was his bowl.

My bowl has shattered.
I’m not sure who nudged it off the table.

But I do know that Two Strange Hands scooped me up
and saved me.

They gave me freedom by tossing me into the waves
that nearly caused me to drown.

That’s what I mean when I say we tend to spit at life and curse
this world for its unjust doings.

Some fish just prefer the bowl.


Echoes of an empty chamber have woken you again.

Voices never forgotten and old haunting songs you hear yourself hum from time to time
still bounce between the brick and plastered walls
that neighbor this resting space, your bed, your sanctum.

Echoes of an empty chamber awaken you still, calling your name
from a past you refuse to leave behind.

Every morning through weary eyes, you throw open your door with a weapon in hand,
a bat, a belt, or a club, perhaps,
looking for the boisterous intruders who robbed you of your dreams.

There’s no one there.

Nothing but echoes of an empty chamber,
a room full of nothing maintained by a mind afraid to forget;
a heart terrified to move on; a stubborn-worried soul,
desperate to not fill an empty past that is already gone.

Decorate your room carefully, friend.

Fill it with joyous reminders
and beautiful interpretations of your love.

Soon, echoes of an empty chamber will find no room to play.

And you will sleep well again.


You carry a whole world with you.
A planet rests upon your shoulders.
You may not see it, but I do.

There is a Universe Within
that you carry wherever you go.

Ecosystems of passion and romance. Warring nations of worry and fear.
A billion living ideas, stories and experiences that make up a whole history
named You.

Wherever you go, I promise to be your sun.

It’s not that your life revolves around me.

Think of it like this:

Whenever you come to me,
I will do my best to be quiet and still
and shine nothing but kindness and light upon you.


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The Story Behind I Am We


When I arrived in India in October, I hadn’t written poetry for months.

But I was intent to write my heart out while I was there. Problem was, every time I sat down to pen an essay, a blog post or a story about India as I experienced it, I froze. It wasn’t writers’ block. No mysterious creative demon. It just felt trite–inauthentic, even–to be so literal in describing what I saw, felt and did. Like I was scraping a surface; like real depth couldn’t be reached in an essay.

I was desperate to witness the truths of India in the small corner I visited through my writing. My tool, my weapon, my medium, I needed to swing this pickax to excavate what I my emotional body and subtle mind were experiencing–what my conscious mind couldn’t quite wrap around.

Poetry came rushing back.

Poems began to spill from me again. I rediscovered the medium that could capture the essence of everything. I’ve been writing poems like mad since my trip to northern India last autumn. With my love affair with poetry back, passionate, and in full flight, I’m truly excited to soon share my second collection of poems with you this April. 

This collection is called I Am We.

It’s the first group of poems that I’ve published since God Whispers on the Wind, my first foray into poetry, in 2012. 

The title I Am We represents my spiritual understanding of who we are, what we are, and where our truth resides: betwixt many faces, between different facades, and a lifetime of incarnations under the banner of one, single soul.

There are many sides, even curious contradictions, to our Selves and who we are at our core–the “unapologetic” Self, as I like to say. The one, unique, beautiful, complete, complex soul that we are plays many roles throughout our days and nights. You are a child, a sibling, a parent. A lover, a brawler. A vixen, a saint. A poet, a foul-mouth. Sacred at times, and blasphemous at others.

Who’s to say these faces compete with one another?


iaw-coverI Am We: Poems

A Five-Star Debut on Amazon

Enjoy this colorful collection of poems for just a few dollars.

KINDLE – $2.99                          PAPERBACK – $10

The Kindle Reader App is free and can be used on iPhone, iPad, Desktop and Android Devices.

Who’s to say they can’t each have their place, their home, and play their roles when we, our Over Souls (borrowing a phrase from Emerson), call upon them and put them to good use?

I cherish this complexity. It’s beautiful, fascinating, and means we can spend living hours and years excavating our Selves.

We’re living conundrums. Whole, divine, nothing is lacking.

I Am We is a collection of poems that represents the yoking, or coming together, of your many incarnations.