Test Reading Portal

Hi my friend!

I set up this page so that test-reading my new book is super clear, easy and simple for you.

Being a test-reader will only require a few hours of your time. What you’ll be doing as a test-reader is–you guessed it–reading a draft of my new book to see if it’s any good, if you enjoy it, why you do, why you don’t, and how it can be made better before publishing.

Your feedback will help me…

  1. Workshop the essays included in the book
  2. Make improvements to the essays
  3. Choose one of three book cover options

You’ll submit your feedback by way of a questionnaire that is embedded at the bottom of this page–not be email.

This method is to help me gather your feedback, and to help ensure that your feedback is incorporated into the finished book :)

What the book is

Big Apple, Black Sand and the Midnight Sun is a collection of essays that span some of my best writing from 2012-2013–all true stories that span a year’s worth of travel, adventure, heartbreak, and even national disasters like the Boston Marathon Bombings and Superstorm Sandy.

The essays progressively evolve from my living in the heart of New York City to the idyllic beaches of Hawaii and conclude on a trip to the mystical landscapes of Iceland: 13,000 miles of travel across 3 of the world’s most interesting places help to create a background for learning, growth and experience.

I hope that the book is unique in that way, with each essay painting a unique landscape, stirring some powerful feelings, and concluding with an important message or parting thought that’s worth considering.

Why I’m publishing it

A book is not only an emblem of humanity, but humanity captured in physical form. A writer shares a book so that a reader can experience the life of another human being, and in turn, experience a profound depth of connection to all of humanity.

Books bind humanity together. That’s why I love books. But I’m specifically publishing this book with hopes that the collection, as a whole, articulates this idea:

We can live a life of “extraordinary adventure” by how we choose to live our “ordinary” day-to-day lives.

This idea is articulated throughout the book–that adventure is waiting to be had in the here and now, and it all depends on how committed we are to adventuring, learning, meeting people, putting ourselves out there and taking leaps of faith.

Why I need your help

Publishing a collection of essays is new territory for me, and it’s unsettling. I’ve never before curated a collection of essays.

That said, I feel great about the quality of the essays in this book–namely, their readability and re-readability. My goal is for each essay to tell its own story. But, since the essays of the book were written in chronological order, I hope they tell a larger narrative, too.

You’ll help me as a test-reader by answering a handful of questions, providing feedback and opinions that will help me answer lingering questions–and hopefully pacify lingering doubts :)

Ready to get started?


  1. Download the draft of BABSMS here (.PDF format)
  2. *Before* reading, look over the test-reader survey below so you know what to look for as you read it
  3. Read the draft while referencing the test-reader survey
  4.  Submit the test-reader survey by May 20, 2014 at 12 Noon EST. 

Thank you so much for your help, my friend!

I’m looking forward to seeing your feedback. And, I do hope that you enjoy the book!

Happy reading,


If you can’t see the survey below, click here (Best viewed on desktop, not mobile)