Former Newspaper Publisher ‘Comes Home’ to Help Family Businesses

Chip Rogers is a former CEO of a 2-time Pulitzer Prize winning newspaper that he inherited from his father. As a 4th generation owner and after a 107-year reign, Chip made the difficult choice to sell the family business after years of industry turmoil.

But he never lost his love for family businesses.

Chip became a Story Shine client as he decided it was time to return to his original passion and vocation. But rather than run a family business, this time, he wanted to help consult and coach family business owners to manage their businesses towards successful futures.

With emphasis on how to deal with the many complexities of family relationships within a family business, Chip required a story that shared his expertise while creating a bond of trust with prospective clients.

But Chip was overwhelmed with where to begin, and how:

In Chip’s own words, he says, “My initial reaction to the finished product was, ‘He knocked it out of the park.’ As soon as I started reading, I knew that Dave had found my voice.”

Together, we harnessed the whole of Chip’s vast experience as a former head of a major and respected business, and turned his insights and opinions into an series of thought leadership essays: highly valuable content that he could share on LinkedIn, his new website, and directly with potential clients.

By focusing on impactful, even semi-controversial topics related to family business owners, his potential clients have really been galvanized to reach out to Chip for his professional support.

“Dave has been able to get in my head,” Chip reports.

“The more that we work together, the more he’s able to capture what I’m trying to express. As our relationship grows, our work together gets easier.”

Maybe you’ve been let down before by hiring an affordable copy writer. Maybe you’ve been excited to work with someone who’s only copy and pasted your questionnaire answers into a standard form. That’s not what it’s like to work with me. I take my professional work 100% personally:

“Dave is a pleasure to work with. He is kind, patient, and passionate about his craft. The end product is not only a reflection of his talent as a writer, but also his ability to connect with people. The writing follows the relationship.”

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