He Ran a $2mil Drug Empire Before Hustling Prison-Style Health Bootcamps

Coss Marte is an entrepreneur at heart. He has been since he was a kid.

That’s the real reason why he started selling drugs.

Growing up poor and to immigrant parents, Coss wanted to be rich. He also had the cunning to do it. By the time he was 19, he was running a small drug syndicate that was earning over $2 million a year. Some days, he and his guys would pull in $30,000.

They used business cards to grow their empire, and strategically sought customers of an ideal demographic: rich, drunk 20-somethings outside of bars on weekends. Coss and his guys even wore 3-piece suits to avoid attention from the cops.

Then, he got busted.

After serving 4 years in prison, Coss returned to society intent to turn his life around – by using his cunning entrepreneurial skills and unrelenting passion. But, this time, he would start dealing something else:

Prison-style workouts that he created and developed in his 9×6 jail cell.

Coss himself lost 70 pounds in 6 months – and helped 23 inmates lose over 1,000 pounds collectively.

Best of all, Coss’s new mission to bring health and fitness on the cheap to thousands of bootcamp participants extends beyond his own personal stake in health. Coss plans to hire 50 formerly incarcerated trainers by the end of 2017 to help give guys like him a second chance.

As a Story Shine client, Coss needed a story that was authentic, real, and genuine.

His story deserved to explain his complex, intricate journey without being overly defensive for the errors of his past – instead, it deserved emphasis on his aspiration to create change in the wake of mistakes.

Coss’s new story used light humor and playfulness to break stigmas around his image as a formerly incarcerated individual, while articulating his deep passion for creating change in the fitness industry, and in prisoner reform, by showcasing how he’s lead by example and helped over 3,500 people already make strides towards their fitness goals.

“You really spoke our language,” Coss reports back, adding, “And although it wasn’t easy, you were able to smoothly communicate every one of our goals. Thank you!”

Embracing a new narrative is helping Coss revolutionize his life – and the lives of his trainers, and clients.

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