Create With Me

Your words give you the power to discover and cultivate the highest version of True Self.

It’s just a matter of how you use them.

Both online and in person, my teachings revolve around how to express yourself fully and truly.

Take a look at my service offerings below, which exist to help you tap the creative energy that’s already within you, communicate better, be more innovative and live your best life.

Online Writers Group: I run a private membership writers’ group called The Literati Writers where I teach reluctant writers, aspiring authors and conscientious creatives how to fall in love with their writing, one day at a time. Members enjoy a private writing portal where they connect with supportive peers, receive weekly writing prompts, enjoy exclusive interviews, and personal support from me as a writing coach and 11-time author. Learn More »

About Me Page Writing: I do one-on-one business storytelling work with coaches, entrepreneurs, authors, and artists called Story Shine Sessions. By sourcing your voice, tapping your values and telling your story with poise and heart, we’ll use your story to springboard resonating connections to your readers, prospective clients and customers. Story Shine Sessions heart-center your personal brands and elevate your business with professionalism and soul. Learn More »

Classes and Workshops: I lead yoga classes every week at my hometown studio of Laughing Elephant Yoga in Rhode Island, but I also travel to lead a variety workshops at conferences, retreats and events. I teach storytelling workshops, writing workshops, creativity workshops, yoga classes and workshops, and even yoga-writing fusion workshops. Learn More »

Story Shine Sessions: Professional Storytelling Services

Change Your Story, Change Your Life, Serve the World.


I help self-starters, coaches and entrepreneurs turn their personal stories into business platforms that emanate voice, values, authority and emotion to naturally attract new customers and clients.

My Story Shine Sessions are 1-on-1 creative partnership experiences: I use a 4-part process, video interviews and some short questionnaires to help you excavate, understand and communicate your unique story as your authentic business platform.

I have a deep understanding of how to unearth and shape your story into life in ways that make you feel proud, seen and moving in the direction of your dreams.

My Story Shine Sessions help you:

  1. Tell your story in your own authentic voice.
  2. Share hardships and struggles that you’ve overcome, and inspire others to achieve the same
  3. Share intimate details of your story with poise, grace and confidence
  4. Be heartfelt and personal without sounding mopey, weepy, apologetic or like you’re “over-sharing”
  5. Convey expertise, authority and accomplishments without sounding arrogant, braggy or self-flattering

As one of my cherished Story Shine clients, I will excavate the key details of your story, discover the threads of the narrative that articulate your purpose with efficiency and professionalism, then turn around and write your story in your voice and in alignment to your values.

When we finish writing your new About Me page, your ideal customers and clients will be saying,

“Yes, you are who I’ve been searching for.”

It’s time to tell your story in a way that makes you feel proud, wholly represented and totally on-point to do the work that you love to do.

Let’s tell your story in a way that…

  • Stirs a deeply emotional connection with your readers and ideal customers/clients
  • Creates a direct bond of trust, understanding and relatability to otherwise anonymous online visitors
  • Finds the sweet spots of emotion, heart and soul, balanced with the poise and confidence of true professionalism
  • Authentically reflects your personal values, voice, experiences and business goals
  • Makes your words do work for you to organically, effortlessly sell your products, services, offerings and more

My Story Shine sessions include two rounds of revisions: a back-and-forth interchange over which we trade turns to offer word changes, suggestions, and ask questions to get your story finessed, polished and perfect.

This is a personal partnership of seeing you, knowing you and evoking your voice, beliefs, values and dreams in a story that the world will experience.

Are You Ready to Make Your Story Shine?

My standard Story Shine package (one About Me page and one Services or ‘Work With Me’ page) is $2,000, but for a limited time you can receive both pages for $1475. Email me at today with questions, inquiries or to reserve your Story Shine session.

We’ll discuss your needs and I’ll help you understand our full working process together.

Whether you have a few questions or feel ready to reserve your Story Shine session right away, get in touch. I only work with 1-2 clients at a time to dedicate my fullest attention to helping you shape your story into a beautiful reality. So, I sometimes have a short waiting list between 2 – 6 weeks.

I’m excited to explore this opportunity to make your story shine!

Payment plans are available to honor your budgetary needs.

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Here’s what a few of my clients have said:

anian“Dave is a genius when it comes to words and helping others to express themselves authentically. This is the second time we’ve worked together and I have not been disappointed. He’s trimmed down my excess, provided me with brilliant ideas for tying themes together, made my message more powerful and resonant with my audience.”Ania Nowicki, The Gateway Coach (Netherlands)
benaz“I was so impressed by the story that Dave created for me that I almost didn’t work today. I spent the whole day reading it. His Story Shine process can change how people see, appreciate and understand your work.”Ben Azevedo, Founder of Blackninja Communications (Brazil)
olwen“My About Me page was just sad. Dave made my story shine, and helped me pinpoint how to speak the ideal clients who I didn’t even know I was looking for before he discovered them. Three words: He. Gets. It!”Olwen Wilson, Founder of Echo Roots Wellness (Canada)


“Dave. Wow. Reading through this, I am speechless. You’ve conveyed everything that I’m feeling and more! I love what you’ve done with my story. From beginning to end, my story has such an authentic flow and I could not have possibly asked for anything better!”Serena Misquez, Authenticity Coach (Arizona, USA)

The Literati Writers: Online Writers’ Group

A Positive Community, Personal Support, Plus Weekly Writing Prompts


The Literati Writers is a “different” kind of writers’ group.

My private membership, online writing community is a year-round support system that helps conscientious creatives and self-starters fall in love with their writing, once and for all.

  • Private Membership Community
  • Weekly Writing Prompts
  • Monthly Author Interviews
  • Downloadable Action Episodes

What makes us “different” is that we’re built upon very intentional values, providing members with ongoing learning opportunities and gentle accountability plus stellar community connections and personal support that make the “woe is me” of writing a thing of the past.

Our writing community forbids harsh criticism, competition and “write or die” pressure.

The Literati Writers revolves around the love of writing–how writing leads us home, to our true Selves, and into connection with others’ lives.

I founded The Literati Writers to break the mold that writers’ groups are competitive, full of judgment and ripe with unfair criticism. Now featuring a private online writing home (we’re no longer on Facebook!), you can expect to receive weekly writing prompts, monthly calls and author interviews, plus so much more.

Love Your Writing – Once Again, Once and For All

Visit now to explore what we do and how you can begin to deepen your loving relationship to written word.

clareh“Joining The Literati Writers has been a great asset to my burgeoning business. Big thanks to you, Dave.”Clare Herbert, Literati Writer
trayced“Being a part of The Literati Writers has been life-altering for me. You rock, Dave. I’m really glad to be a part of what you’re doing in the world.”Tracye Dukes, Literati Writer
levih“Thanks to Dave Ursillo and The Literati Writers, writing has become second nature again. This writing group has changed my life.”Levi Hannah, Poet and Photographer
sangd“I’d recommend you join The Literati Writers, without a doubt. We are all there to help one another and are able to share our honest opinions for the betterment of one another.”Sang Thi Duong, Copywriter and Founder of Sangtastik