Crystal Turned Her ‘List of Accomplishments’ Into a Powerful Narrative

Crystal was, as she described it, “giddy” to become a Story Shine client.

She reached out when she was transitioning from a very successful career in the world of academics as an experienced teacher, traveling speaker and a trainer of health and wellness to high school aged students throughout Canada. Her career would orient her as a self-employed success coach and self-awareness teacher.

But Crystal was struggling to find the cohesive heart — the centerpiece, the contiguous threads – to her story and many experiences.

She described her first attempts at telling her own story as something like “merely listing [her] accomplishments.”

Like an old resume or CV, it lacked the necessary “why” and emotional undercurrents that makes anything and everything memorable, compelling and worth knowing more about.

When Crystal saw the first draft of her new About Me page, she said:

“Talk about WOW! I had a good cry, and we did a happy dance!”

That’s how good it feels to be seen in story form, for the whole of who you are.

A resume can only say where you’ve been — and, hardly so.

A story reveals the influences that have made you who you are today. It showcases what you’re great at, and what you’re passionate about. A story reveals the path ahead — the vision for the future you want to be a part of.

Move over, job titles, length of employment, and other boring resume details.

In story form, people will finally get to meet the whole of you — and start knocking on your door.

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