From conferences in the U.S. and Europe to retreats in Central America and workshops at local yoga studios, I bring heart, passion and extraordinary consideration to create unique, nurturing experiences for students that usher them into deep self-knowledge — and a motivation to give their best selves to the world.

Whether through storytelling, yoga, writing or creativity, I help men and women embrace the art of self-expression so that their best, whole selves can shine through a little more brightly.

Explore below to see where I’ll be next and when, and don’t forget to reach out if you have a conference, retreat or workshop that would benefit from my teaching experiences.

Upcoming Events


I lead weekly yoga classes at Laughing Elephant Yoga (East Greenwich, Rhode Island). Explore yoga for the first time, or deepen your practice. All are welcome — just be you. Click here view my teaching schedule »

budda-daveThe Wicked Basics ℠ :: What We Do In Yoga (and Why)

This 2-hour workshop is for first-timers, beginners, even experienced yogis who are curious to explore the absolute fundamentals of yoga, from what to expect in a yoga class to a look into yoga’s ancient history. (Sat. Nov. 19 from 12:30 – 2:30 PM) Sign Up »

revolved-daveHow to Write :: Yoga and Journaling 4-Workshop Series

Find your voice. Witness yourself. Discover sudden insights. Recognize mental stories (samskara). Rewrite the narrative you want to live, everyday. All it takes it some movement — and a blank page. This workshop series will show you how. (Sat. Oct 29; Sat. Nov 19; Sat. Dec 10; Sat. Jan 7 from 4:30-6:30 PM) Sign Up »


Now Booking Events for 2017-18

I’m now booking teaching and speaking engagements for 2017-18. Email me with inquiries. We’ll discuss your audience, their core values, and what I’d like to share with them.

Past Attendees Have Said…

annaj“After Dave’s workshop, I feel that blocks have been lifted that were obstructing my flow, especially my creative writing. My soul feels freed from self-imposed restraints and is breathing openly, because I was given the gift of connecting with part of its passion again. I’m incredibly grateful for Dave’s workshop experience. Thank you, Dave, for adding Belgium to your workshop tour and for adding kindle to my inner fire.Anna Janssens, Belgium
lisa-s“After taking Dave’s About Me Page writing workshop, I was given a strong framework for telling my story in ways that are more authentic and enjoyable than I dreamed possible. Dave brings artistry, self-expression and deep inner connection into the workshops he teaches — and he helped bring these qualities out in my own writing.”Lisa Speer, Life Coach
rose-h“I lacked the skill to write about myself and what my business offers without sounding stilted, or like I was bragging. Dave’s storytelling workshop finally allowed me to move beyond my unsure feelings, effortlessly. I left Dave’s workshop enormously relieved, energized and full of ideas on how to improve my business through story.”Rose Hayden, Owner of RAH Consulting
bethany“Dave seems to understand my own creative challenges even better than I do. I left his yoga and journaling workshop with greater clarity and a renewed courage to be unapologetically me.”Bethany O’Connor, Professional Photographer
nikki“Dave has an uncanny knack of tapping into the root of what’s getting you stuck, so that you can create from a place of you-charged positivity. His process is one I would pay good money for, again and again (and again).”Nikki Groom, Copywriter and Entrepreneur
mustafa“Everybody was touched by the way Dave shared his passion and experience about storytelling. As I am passionate about connecting people through conversations, I realized that the best conversations – like the one we had yesterday – come from the stories we share with people with a open mind and open heart.”Mustafa Osman Turan, Diplomat based in Brussels
wendy“I really enjoyed Dave’s workshop! He has a gift for understanding the unique relationship between words and feelings; the head and heart connection he talks about.”Wendy Deyell
coumans“Dave creates a unique atmosphere that brought out very honest and interesting life stories for our group’s benefit. He shares a clear and convincing message across in just a short amount of time. What he transmitted and what we worked on together will be a very valuable lesson for me, I am sure.”Alex Coumans
laurajWeekend in the Woods brought me so much clarity on what it really means to have a writing practice. I was relieved to realize that, more than anything, it should be enjoyable and something I anticipate doing. I’d been putting far too much pressure on myself to deliver specific results and, as with any art, the magic happens when you’re having fun. Weekend in the Woods brought the magic back to my writing.”Laura Jelinek, Writer and Relationship Coach
philn“It was refreshing to participate in one of Dave’s intimate, experiential writer’s retreats where we actually cultivated our skills and learned ways to hone our craft. I personally loved the serene and rustic environment, the intimacy and positive vibes of the group, and the accessibility to Dave’s best practices in writing and wealths of wisdom.”Master Phil Nguyen, Author and 7th Degree Blackbelt
dianep“Dave’s retreat re-fueled the fire inside of me and helped confirm that I am walking a path of impact. Dave created an environment filled with creative souls and the nourishing space that a writer needs. I went into this experience coming off a whirlwind emotional aftermath of some life decisions I had to make. And, the weekend was exactly what I needed because I left feeling rejuvenated and at peace with the decisions I had made. Dave’s weekend retreat was the perfect space for creatively ‘coming home.`”Diane Pauley, Writer and Certified Life Coach
stus“Dave’s retreat was tranquil, nurturing, and deviously inspiring! The combination of workshops and yoga seamlessly created a wonderful ebb and flow without ever leaving the creative space. I’m really excited with what I created at the retreat.”Stu Snyder, Web Designer and Yoga Instructor
jessg“Throughout Dave’s retreat, my soul was nurtured, my heart was opened, my writing practice was deepened, and I was filled not only with inspiration but with active guidance on how to turn that inspiration into practice. Under the brilliant guidance of Dave, the retreat guided the continuation of a transformation. I now have a sense that there is no better time to begin than now.”Jessica Glendinning, Writer
maggie-b“I left Dave’s retreat not only with a lot of ideas and inspiration, but with an entirely better grasp on the big picture of what I’m trying to accomplish. The moment I arrived and began chatting with the other retreaters, I knew I was in the right place. Thank you for giving me a chance to step outside my comfort zone and learn from it.”Maggie Brewer, Librarian and Yoga Enthusiast