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i. Sample Newsletter

Dear [First Name],

Dave Ursillo is a self-made author, storyteller and yoga teacher. He’s self-published 5 books since 2011, and been published in 6 more. This former politico once walked in the West Wing of the White House – but had a dream of becoming a best-selling author, too. So, he walked out on his boss in 2009 – when the guy was running for governor.

Today, Dave has dedicated his mission as a self-employed creative to teach freelancers, self-starters and solopreneurs how to turn their words into their own form of personal leadership. He believes we’re all writers nowadays, and that tech gives everybody with a vision the power to create change in the world.

Dave runs a unique online writers’ group called The Literati Writers Group to help impart this wisdom and more to move than 300 writers from 17 countries since it debuted in 2012 – it’s a creative environment with cultivated tools, a new writing e-course, over 100 video-guided writing prompts, and more.

As a listener of Insurgent Publishing, Dave has a special offer for you.

Before you can write your best-selling book (and publish it with the help of Insurgent Publishing!), you have to learn to write more and write better – over the longterm.

Dave wants to help you write more and better in 30 days or less, without crazy pressures or unrealistic wordcount goals. He’ll send you free advice on why many writers writers burn out, why so many creatives and self-starters struggle to embrace even the title of “writer,” and the top 3 reasons why people who want to write stop themselves before they begin.

If you like what you hear, you’ll have the exclusive chance to become a member of The Literati Writers Group for just $147 (that’s a 50% discount off the list price of $294).

As a member of his community, you’ll receive new weekly writing prompts, 36 hours of exclusive author interviews, lifetime access to a private discussion forum, and Dave’s marquee 4-week foundational writing e-course, Write to Live.

Click here to get your free writing advice from Dave – without paying a dime.

Until next time,

– Tom

PS – If you decide to become a member of Dave’s writers’ groupĀ  in using the above linkthe next 30 days, Insurgent Publishing will earn a small referral commission. You’ll will be setting yourself up for creative longevity, and helping to support our mission of disrupting the modern publishing industry. Thank you!


ii. Blurbs: What is The Literati Writers Group?

The Literati Writers Group is a private membership online writers’ group that helps budding bloggers, conscientious creatives, reluctant writers and part-time journalers write more, and better, over the long-term. Created by 11-time author Dave Ursillo, this creative community is the ideal environment for exploring creativity with curiosity, and never any fear of criticism or judgment. Members receive new writing prompts every week, so you’ll aways have at least 1 thing to write about. Plus, you’ll acess 36 hours of author interviews to fuel your inner creative, and redefine your relationship to written word with the help of Write to Live, our new 4-week foundational writing course. Learn the rest at

– From text messaging and email to blogs and the world of self-publishing, we’re all writers today. And yet, learning how to write more (and better) over the longterm isn’t so easy. From anxiety-inducing “write or die” apps to unrealistic writing challenges and marathon-style wordcount goals, it’s no wonder why writers are tortured for their art. No longer. The Literati Writers Group is an online writers’ group that flips the script on the woe-is-me and surrounds creatives in a private, protected environment full of curated resources, writing prompts, author interviews and a new 4-week foundational writing e-course that teaches conscientious creatives and budding writers how to fall in love with their writing, once and for all. Learn the rest at

– Writers, unite! Imagine a community where group support for one another’s journeys reigns supreme. There’s no competition, criticism or judgment in our ranks. This is an online writerts’ group where you are free to explore, play, be curious, create, share your truth, be seen and stand in your power. Welcome to The Literati Writers Group, a “different” kind of writers group built by self-publishing author, yogi and creativity teacher Dave Ursillo. You’ll always have something to write about, redefine your relationship to written word, and discover how to write more – and better – over the long term. Learn the rest at


iii. Product Features Overview

  • 3-Month Guided Writing Class with The Literati Writers Group ($297 Value)
  • Includes Write to Live 4-Week Foundational Writing E-Course ($197 Value)
  • Weekly Premium Writing Prompts (+ 97 Bonus Writing Prompts Inside)
  • Live Author Interview Series (1 Monthly + 36 Hours of Bonus Interviews)
  • Lifetime Access to Private Discussion Forum
  • Personal Support from Founder & Creator Dave Ursillo
  • Finally Know What to Write About + Demystify Your Creative Desires.


iv. Some Testimonials

“I needed a safe environment to start writing again, and to make peace with my erratic writing habits. Both goals have been achieved! But I’m not going anywhere: I love the conversation, writing prompts, and all that Dave is teaching us.” – Maryse Godet, Poet + Belgian Expat

“One of my excuses is, ‘I have nothing to write about,’ but I wanted to write more consistently. I figured that Writing Prompts each week would give me something to write about. They’ve done double-duty, too! The reflection on my own writing has made me want to write more – on top of having an interesting prompt to respond to.” – Stu Snyder, Writer + Yoga Teacher

“I wanted a place where I could go to geek out with other writers who ‘got me,’ and share our love of written word. The Literati Writers been that and so much more! I adore this space that Dave has put together for us and am so very glad to be here :)” – Woz Flint, Writer + Mama