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“Your newsletters prompt me to think more openly and inspire my True Self to shine through – whenever I read them. We’ve never met, but through your writing, you are truly a light in my life.” – Zach, subscriber

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What readers say…

“Thank you Dave. Thank you for sharing your gift to me, to us. It means the world to me to know that I was never alone. That regardless of culture, of race and of status, most of the time, we all go through the same things in life.”– Annie, via email

“Whenever I have uncertainty in my life, your articles always bring the clarity I’m seeking. I look forward to your posts.”— Katie, via email

“Your philosophical, reflective and mindful writings have been most insightful for me as a human, like any other, trying to find his way through the roller-coaster of life.”— James from Wales, via email

“I just felt moved to let you know how much I appreciate you for the work you are doing on leadership and helping people nourish their creative side.”– Adewale, via email

“Hey Dave, just wanted to let you know your emails always get me fired up… I LOVE it!”– Shannon, Sacramento, CA

“I am going to take the influence of your words and exhibit them in my life. :) Thank you.”– Ayesha, via email