Welcome, I’m Dave.

In my writings, workshops, online programs and teachings, I help self-starters, creatives and everyday yogis express themselves better and live the stories they want to telling. Join me at the crossroads of “being your best Self” and making the world a better place.


Live Your Leadership.

Once an aspiring presidential speechwriter, I abandoned my career path in politics and public service in 2009 with the belief that I could do more with my life and begin to serve others using my writing as a vessel for change.

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Change Your Life? Change Your Story.

As a multi-dimensional teacher, I share free writings and occasional books, lead local and international workshops, sell online programs and teach yoga classes. What’s the common thread between them?

Helping self-starters, change-makers, creatives and everyday yogis change the stories they’re living, while expressing the stories they want to be telling — inside, and out.

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I want to show you how becoming the “best version” of yourself is your gateway into purpose, meaning, and helping to make the world a better place.

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Latest Posts

Closet Monsters. Soul-Stuff. And, Healing Your Past While Moving Forward

I left “the world of politics,” but what I sought to escape was an incarnation of my Self in this lifetime that my Soul had outgrown, and clamored to transcend.

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Keep Longing for the Longing: An Ode.

What did Rumi mean when he said, “I long for the longing?” On a familiar drive into the night with no destination, the poet’s words provide a lesson.

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The Language of Caring

The only two near-confrontations I’ve had as a traveler happened 4 years and a few blocks away from one another in Waikiki, Hawaii. This is one story of how using a single word might have protected me.

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