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Dave Ursillo is a writer, teacher and yogi from Rhode Island who helps self-starters use their words to serve others with love. He believes that self-expression is service, and that words are what move us.

After September 11, 2001, Dave pursued a career as a public servant and aspired to become a presidential speechwriter. His political experiences culminated as an intern at the White House Council on Environmental Quality in 2008 and as an aide to a gubernatorial candidate in 2009. Battling depression and a crisis of identity, Dave abandoned his young and promising career to use his words to serve others, eventually becoming an author, creative entrepreneur and yoga teacher.

Today, Dave is a writing coach to self-starters, coaches, entrepreneurs, authors and thought leaders, and often travels the U.S. and Europe to lead yoga and writing workshops.

He is a 10-time author and has published over 400 essays on his blog,, and been seen on CBS News Sunday Morning, and Psychology Today.

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About The Literati Writers

The Literati Writers is a private-membership online writers’ group for writers of all levels who desire to deeply experience and truly love their creative journeys, every step of the way. Founded by author and creative entrepreneur Dave Ursillo, The Literati Writers is designed to be the perfect support system for an independent writer, creative or artist who understands the value of ongoing learning opportunities, personal support and community connections to supportive peers.

The Literati Writers provides members with a private discussion forum on Facebook, weekly writing prompts delivered by email, personal connections to community members and peers, Live Author Interviews every month, and dedicated personal support from Dave Ursillo — all in one encouraging and wildly supportive atmosphere that forbids unfair criticism and judgment. Make your own creative journey the reward at

About God Whispers on the Wind

God Whispers on the Wind is a collection of 81 spiritual poems that guides a reader of any faith to truly touch those common threads: the perpetual and binding human qualities of love, happiness, purposeful living and shared experience that make humans so exceptionally unique as spiritual beings. This debut collection leaves a memorable imprint upon the reader with Ursillo’s inimitably heart-stoking style. And featuring original contributions from seven talented writers from across the globe, God Whispers on the Wind is a true celebration of the diversity of human spirituality.

Whatever you believe, God Whispers on the Wind will serve as a gentle reminder that we are forever connected to a couple of important things: to the ether, and to one another.

About Lead Without Followers

Lead Without Followers is a radical reinterpretation of what it means to be a leader. The long-awaited debut of author Dave Ursillo is set against a disturbing backdrop: an escalating atmosphere of unbridled anger with our modern elected leaders; venomous partisan bickering in Washington D.C. and an uncharacteristic but prevalent pessimism shared by the American people. Our world is at a crossroads.

As cynicism and hatred become the modern political status quo, America’s ever-important place as the leader of the free world is falling into severe question. Guided by the voice of a rising Generation-Y leader, Dave Ursillo’s Lead Without Followers lays out powerful but pragmatic methods for readers to access and understand leadership individually, in their everyday lives; and collectively, as an American nation entering in the 21st century.

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