Podcaster Discovers It’s Always Been About Bringing Voices to Life

Rob Lawrence is a multi-talented creative based in England.

He is a husband and father, and the owner of two businesses — who also hosts his own podcast.

When he arrived as a Story Shine client, Rob was preparing to launch new coaching and consulting offers that helped his clients bring their own forms of audio — from podcasts to interviews and more — to life.

But Rob also admitted that was starting from scratch with his story. He didn’t have an About Me page to work from, or even an up-to-date bio to reference.

(It’s worth mentioning — most Story Shine client don’t!)

And, with no shortage of projects, ideas and websites to juggle, Rob knew that he was in desperate need of a single, cohesive story that could thread all this creative outlets together in a way that made sense.

“Right now, I can’t say I have one specific direction,” Rob admitted.

In our Story Shine process, Rob was launched into an intimate exploration of his past, present and future aspirations. With questions designed to encourage connections and revelations, Rob started to see his story unfold before his eyes.

When he received his first draft of his new About Me page, Rob wrote:

“I’m blown away how you’ve managed to bring together so many seemingly unrelated, disparate pieces of my story to fit a common theme.”

He added, “Coal into diamonds comes into mind!”

It feels so good to see your very own story come together cohesively, that you can even forget whose story you’re enjoying right on the page! Rob says:

“I felt so absorbed as I read my story that I forgot it was mine!”

Are you ready to discover the central threads of the story you’ve always been living?

The time is now! Let’s embark upon a story-journey together.

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