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The Ancient Art of Story for Modern Day Change-Makers.

  • Trusted by CEOs, entrepreneurs, small business owners, coaches and creatives since 2012.
  • Experienced. Over 100,000 words of custom story content produced for clients in the last year alone.
  • As Seen On: Psychology Today,, Forbes, CBS News Sunday Morning and more.

Tell the Story You Want to be Living.

Until a few years ago, what I never understood about storytelling is that every told story begins to make itself real.

Stories are not just what are in books and movies; they’re a force of energy comprised of inner will, true desire and love. The stories we tell others — and ourselves — permeate the subtle spiritual plane around us, and alter reality.

Our stories shape our emotional perspectives, our psychology, our sense of identity and belonging, and how others perceive us, engage us, connect with us.

Perhaps the greatest power that we possess as humans is to assert our true desires, and aspirations for our individual and collective futures, into the stories we tell.

Because our stories become the realities we live — for better or for worse.

What Stories are You Telling?

Are you telling the full, whole, unapologetic story of the life that your soul demands you make real?

Are you holding back?

Are you stuck in the story of old — or a story that others around you keep reinforcing; one you’ve outgrown, but still feel shackled to?

Are you ready to throw out what no longer serves you, and speak life into the story that will help bring you toward the purpose, meaning, legacy or impact that your heart demands you create?

It’s time to own your story. Tell the story you’ve long dreamed of living. To step more fully into your authority, your true voice, and the service-minded mission that you’re here to embody.

Story Shine is my premier one-on-one client offering for professionals, self-employed change-makers, health coaches, yogis, budding entrepreneurs, career reinventors, teachers and leaders who demand of themselves to live and work at the crossroads of Self-Activation and Selfless Service.

In 30 days* or less, I’ll usher you through a practical yet profound experience as we uncover the sticking points and shadows of your past-present-future stories, before comprehensively rewriting them into the physical words that you can immediately begin to use online and in person.

Beginning to tell the very story that your True Self demands you live is just days away, once and for all.

This is NOT…

  • Scratched-together copy in one-size-fits-all format
  • Copy-pasting questionnaire entries into a Word .doc
  • Resume renovation or “I just need someone to write this out for me.”

Story Shine is…

  • A spirited exposition of your life-path to date, re-purposed into written narratives to attract your envisioned future
  • An intimate examination of the core emotional-spiritual threads like values and guiding beliefs that are subtly woven throughout your work
  • A deliberate but gentle treatment of shadow-behaviors, mental constructs, obstacles, illusions, assumptions and wounds that inhibit Self-Actualization
  • The conscientious creation of practical artifacts (written stories) that highlight professional appeal and amplify dharmic trajectory

How We Work Together

This is an all-inclusive creative partnership where you are seen, witnessed and honored as a human being far beyond the bulletpoints of your resume.

From the moment you submit your initial application to me, the story journey has already begun.

From there, it’s my job to do what I do best: evoke and construct the narrative puzzle of your life, your goals, and your vision for the future — on your behalf.

Half detective work and half creative writing, this yogic partnership is as much about our time together as it is the final products: written stories for your use across personal and professional websites, social media, and beyond.

Stage 1 (Days 0-7)

  • Select Your Package. Choose from 3 offers designed to honor your vision, goals and journey.
  • Submit 5-Minute Application. Why does your story matter? Why does this work matter right now?
  • Schedule Meet-and-Greet Call. A 20-minute voice-to-voice to exploration together.
  • Submit Initial Deposit (50%). Upon approval, your deposit locks in your price and space. We’re begin.

Stage 2 (Days 8-21)

  • Video Interview Session #1. You show up, talk, be you. I do the interviewing.
  • Video Interview Session #2. A week later, we rehash, go deeper, and focus on your future.
  • Complete Second Payment (50%). Interviews completed, it’s time for me to start writing.
  • Dave Begins Writing. You live your life. I invoke the muses for a 10-day drafting period.

Stage 3 (Days 21-30)

  • Receive Draft of First Story. Highlighted by a reading guide with notes and explanations.
  • Give Your Initial Feedback. First impressions, how did we do? How do you feel?
  • Finalize First Story. We tweak and revise (two rounds of edits per story) to massage the words to perfection.
  • You’re Finished! We proceed to the next story format (when appliable), and conclude with personal takeaways.

You’ll witness your experience, personal history and professional expertise begin to emerge into a single, cohesive narrative that reveals the path you’ve been on, all along.

Story Shine: Package Options

Because your story matters, I’ve built the Story Shine process to be bespoke and intimate. I only work with a handful of clients at any given time, and usually have a short waiting period of at least 4-6 weeks.

Currently, I’m accepting  2 new Story Shine clients  to begin in October 2017.

Submit your application below as soon as you feel ready.

If you know this is the perfect fit for you, say yes to your new story journey with the option to submit a 50% deposit below. The sooner you share your intent, the sooner we can discuss if your goals and needs are a perfect fit for Story Shine.

Re-Story Your Past (1 Story)


Increase Your Value Perception. Ideal for career-shifters, young-to-mid-level professionals and career re-inventors, your new LinkedIn Profile Story transforms bullet-points full of eye-glazing corporate lingo into a compelling personal-professional narrative that shines with heart and soul while conveying value and authority.

  • One (1) LinkedIn Profile Story (350 – 400 Words)
  • Two (2) Video Interview Sessions (Recorded)
  • Digital Collaboration + Delivery via Google Docs
  • Includes Two (2) Rounds of Written Revisions

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Re-Story Your Present (2 Stories)


Land Your Dream Job. Great for mid-career professionals and business owners on the cusp of leveling-up, this double-impact story package turns your evolving career goals into two shining narratives. Convey a depth of voice, a sense of personal stake in your work, and a command over your expertise. Invite in new connections and clients, or a new job entirely.

  • One (1) LinkedIn Profile Story (350 – 400 Words)
  • One (1) One-Page Cover Letter Style Narrative (500 Words)
  • Two (2) Video Interview Sessions (Recorded)
  • Digital Collaboration + Delivery via Google Docs
  • Includes Two (2) Rounds of Written Revisions

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Re-Story Your Future (4 Stories)


Make a Long-Term Impact. This ensuite story package creates a series of cohesive narratives for easy use across all your social media platforms and personal or business website. Leave no stone unturned as we create this wide-ranging net to elevate your platform and totally commit you to your dharmic path — honed to your voice, through your values, and spoken directly to your ideal client avatar.

  • One (1) LinkedIn Profile Story (350 – 400 Words)
  • One (1) One Page Cover Letter Style Narrative (500 Words)
  • One (1) About Me Page Story (1000 Words)
  • One (1) Work With Me / Services Page Story (500 Words)
  • Three (3) Video Interview Sessions (Recorded)
  • Digital Collaboration + Delivery via Google Docs
  • Includes Two (2) Rounds of Written Revisions

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If you have any questions, feel invited to email me.

Thanks for reading. I look forward to making your story shine together!

Client Testimonials

I’ve worked with authors, healers, coaches, yoga teachers, mid-tier management professionals, consultants, CEOs and creative entrepreneurs who want to make a bigger impact on peoples’ lives.

For more testimonials from clients, peers and friends, click here.

“I had no idea how much my cover letter was focused on my past until Dave’s process showed me how to orient it to my desired future. He helped me land my dream job!”Masé Ballesteros, Interpreter & Translator

“Dave helped me pinpoint my ideal clients (who I didn’t even know I was looking for before he discovered them). Three words: He. Gets. It!”Olwen Wilson, Holistic Healer

“Dave is a genius when it comes to words and helping others to express themselves authentically.”Ania Nowicki, Health + Wellness Coach

“Dave really spoke the language of the ConBody brand, and our core people. We’re not an easy voice to tackle, but he communicated every one of our goals.”Coss Marte, CEO of ConBody

“Dave’s story process helped me realize that what I thought was a ‘disjointed’ career path was actually the perfect trajectory I needed to take to be where I am today. Now I can share that story.”Brandon Sutton, Cultural Strategist & Consultant

“Talk about WOW! When I saw my new story, I had a good cry, and then my partner and I did a happy dance!”Crystal Lahan, Speaker + Life Coach

“I was so impressed by the story that Dave created for me that I almost didn’t work for the whole day: I just kept reading it, over and over again.”Benjamin Azevedo, Brazilian Web Design Firm Founder

“Dave. Wow. Reading through this, I am speechless. You’ve conveyed everything that I’m feeling and more!”Serena Misquez, Entrepreneur + Life Coach

* Actual time to completion can range from 21 days to 60 days on average. The process entirely depends on your commitment to turn-around of timely payment of invoices and proper feedback to advance each step of the process.

** Terms of Use / Disclaimer: As with any business investment, there is a risk of financial loss. The service provided herein neither implies nor guarantees any legal or financial or professional outcome.