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It’s time to tell the story you want to be living.

  • Trusted by small business owners, professionals, creatives, CEOs, and change-makers from 17 countries since 2012.
  • Experienced. Over 100,000 words of custom story content produced for clients in 2016 alone.
  • As Seen On: Psychology Today, INC.com, Forbes, CBS News Sunday Morning and more.

“As soon as I started reading my story, I knew that Dave had found my voice. He’s been able to get in my head and speak as if he were me.”Chip Rogers, Former CEO of The Eagle-Tribune

“You have to hire Dave if it’s important that readers of your bio ‘get’ you. The whole you. The real you. Dave does that.”Raina Porecha, Commercial Loan Underwriter

Is the Story You’re Sharing Attracting Your Desired Future?

As human beings, the power of story has always been that the stories we tell become the realities we live.

So, what stories are you telling?

What is the narrative of what you dream to accomplish, create, or inspire in the world?

How are you showing up online when someone Googles you?

What stories are your readers, prospective clients, peers or colleagues seeing when they “meet” you in those search results?

It’s time to own your story. To tell the story you’ve dreamed of living. To step into your authority, voice, and service-minded mission.

My written storytelling services are exactly for you. Together, I’ll help you breathe your new, ideal story to life where your personal stake in your work elevates your business appeal and professional authority. I’ve done it for dozens of clients — each story as unique as the person who’s lived it.

As your Story Guide, I live to help you to discover the narrative-heart of the story you’ve always been living, so you do more of the work you love to do in the world.

“Dave’s story process helped me realize that what I thought was a ‘disjointed’ career path was actually the perfect trajectory I needed to take to be where I am today. Now I can share that story.”Brandon Sutton, Cultural Strategist & Consultant

“Talk about WOW! When I saw my new story, I had a good cry, and then my partner and I did a happy dance!”Crystal Lahan, Speaker + Life Coach

Get Your Story Written, Polished, and Inviting the Right Kind of Attention.

Think of me as your creative partner-in-crime.

My story services are ensuite creative partnerships, where you just show up and be you, and I start to piece the narrative puzzle together on your behalf. Half detective work, half creative writing, you’ll end up with written story artifacts that you can begin to share across your online world within 30 days*.

As one of my cherished personal storytelling clients, I’m here to help you uncover key details of your unique story, write the narrative threads with purpose, efficiency, and most of all, a lot of heart and soul.

This offer is ideal for anyone who’s self-employed, a small business owner, or in the middle of a transition in their career.

If your work, income or mission in the world depend on getting people to deeply understand and truly care about who you are and what you do?

Telling a better story is your gateway in.

I’ve worked iwth authors, healers, coaches, yoga teachers, mid-tier management professionals, consultants, CEOs and creative entrepreneurs who want to make a bigger impact on peoples’ lives.

But what’s it like to do this work?

Our story journey begins in a series of one-on-one video coaching calls. All you do is show up, and be you! It’s my job to ask you the right questions. I take thorough notes as our conversation records (for future reflection) and begin to process your responses into an 8-point formula that’s been mastered across dozens of clients for years.

From there, I begin writing.

You’ll witness your experiences, desires, personal history and professional expertise begin to emerge into a single, cohesive narrative that reveals the path you’ve been on, all along, ending up with a new written story for use across social media, online platforms, or even your resume cover letter.

Start to tell the story you want to be living — and your life will follow suit.

Let’s re-story your future.

“I had no idea how much my cover letter was focused on my past until Dave’s process showed me how to orient it to my desired future. He helped me land my dream job!”Masé Ballesteros, Interpreter & Translation Professional

“Dave helped me pinpoint my ideal clients (who I didn’t even know I was looking for before he discovered them). Three words: He. Gets. It!”Olwen Wilson, Holistic Healer

1. Re-Story Your Past Package

$698  $498 (1 Bio)

Most Affordable. Ideal for career-shifters, young-to-mid-level professionals and career re-inventors, your new One-Page cover-letter style narrative will shine with heart and soul while conveying value and authority.

  • (1) Standard One-Page Bio (500 Words)
  • (2) 30-Minute Video Coaching Session (Recorded)
  • Digital Collaboration + Delivery via Google Docs
  • Includes Two Rounds of Revisions

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2. Re-Story Your Present Package

$998  $748 (3 Bios)

Most Popular. Great for professionals and business owners, this double-impact story package turns your LinkedIn bulletpoints into a meaningful narrative that effortlessly valuation of voice, authority and naturally nvite your new readers to become customers.

  • (1) Standard One-Page Bio (500 Words)
  • (1) LinkedIn Style Bio (+ Headline and Profile Advice)
  • (1) Twitter Style Bio
  • (2) 30-Minute Video Coaching Session (Recorded)
  • Digital Collaboration + Delivery via Google Docs
  • Includes Two Rounds of Revisions (Per Bio)

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3. Re-Story Your Future Package

$1498  $998 (5 Bios)

Best Value. This ensuite story package sparks cohesive narratives across your platforms and profiles to enhance authority and elevate your platform. Honed for your voice, values and ideal client avatar.

  • (1) Standard One-Page Bio (500 Words)
  • (1) LinkedIn Style Bio (+ Headline and Profile Advice)
  • (1) Twitter Style Bio
  • (1) ‘About Me’ Page Style Story (800 Words)
  • (1) Author/Speaker Intro Bio (100 Words)
  • (3) 30-Minute Video Coaching Session (Recorded)
  • Digital Collaboration + Delivery via Google Docs
  • Includes Two Rounds of Revisions (Per Bio)

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“Dave is a genius when it comes to words and helping others to express themselves authentically.”Ania Nowicki, Health + Wellness Coach

“Dave really spoke our language: the language of the ConBody brand, and our people. We’re not an easy voice to tackle, but he communicated every one of our goals.”Coss Marte, CEO of ConBody

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* Actual time to completion depends on your commitment to turn-around. Timely feedback, questions and revisions are requested within 7 days of each round of story content’s delivery.