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My world, my work and my everyday life revolve around creating containers for healing and transformation through self-knowledge.

I create writing, books, workshops, e-courses, and occasional retreats that are personal and experiential and invite you into communion with your voice, your desire, and your power.

I’m here to offer you the teachings that have worked best for me and for my students — folks who believe in good in the world, and want to leave a legacy of love in their wake, and suspect that becoming their whole and best versions of themselves is the best way to begin.

Copywriting & Story Services

My premier written story service is an all-inclusive creative partnership that transforms your outdated resume into a compelling narrative — honed to your voice, history and professional goals.

Ideal for professionals, creatives, entrepreneurs and thought leaders who are championing missions of change and purpose, you’ll watch your complex history be reborn as a precise and authentic story — in 30 days or less.

Let’s make your story shine.

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Events & In-Person Experiences

From destination retreats to weekly yoga classes in Rhode Island, I create containers for your healing, awareness and transformation.

Experience conscientious teachings in non-judgmental space amongst supportive peers. Explore yogic body movement and breath-work coupled with creative exploration, writing exercises and miniature mat-side journaling sessions.

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Courses & Programs

I’m thrilled to be creating a series of smart self-guided programs to help you reconnect to your voice, understand the art of story, embody your soul-code, and better express yourself in your life.

Coming first is Unavoidable Writing: Turn What You’re Resisting Into Your Refuge, which teaches you how to find a new sense of home in your writing (and in your life) by turning your struggle into your strength.

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